CI-490: 12.08.99
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088

Four Men
It chanced upon a winter's night
Safe sheltered from the weather.
The board was spread for only one,
Yet four men dined together.

There sat the man I meant to be
In glory, spurred and booted.
And close beside him, to the right
The man I am reputed.

The man I think myself to be
His seat was occupying,
Hard by the man I really am
To hold his own was trying.

And all beneath one roof we met
Yet none called his fellow brother;
No sign of recognition passed,
They knew not one another.
author unknown

Who is Me?
The me I think I am,
The me I wish I were,
The me I really am.
The me I try to project,
The me others perceive.
The me I used to be.
The me others try to make me.
Author Unknown