CI-490: 11.10.99
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088

Field Trip: PIT ATC Facility

Wednesday, Nov 10, 6:00 pm AND 7:00 pm

PIT FAA ATC Tower The trip consists of a tour through the control tower and radar approach control facility, and an introduction of the information systems in use. Applications include text-to-synthetic voice radio transmissions, wireless digital datalink transmissions, use of PCs to distribute Doppler weather radar windshear warnings, an operational Univac 8300 system, radar scopes, interrogators and transponders, radar tracking systems, a pseudo-intranet, and a leading edge strategic information system (surprise).

Directions from RMC main campus: Turn left onto BeerSchool road, head towards Airport. At the dead-end intersection with the Eat-N-Park and the BP gas station, turn right onto Biz-60-N. Get into the left lane, then take the next Left turn (sign says Aiport Maintenance Facilities). If you get to the signs for Cargo Ramps, you went too far, turn around.

The road winds between abandoned parking lots. Go straight at the first stop sign, and you'll tunnel underneath a taxiway. Go straight at the second stop sign, and head up the hill on Tower Road. There are a few empty parking lots on the left; ignore them.

At the very top of the hill, just before a real serious looking barrier gate, turn left into a nondescript service road. Make an immediate right into the Tower parking lot.

Park in the lot, walk to the very base of the control tower, and look for the Visitor entrance.

Problems Finding the Place? Instructor cellphone:

One word to the wise: this is a secure Federal installation that is not open to the general public.