CI-490: 9.29.99
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088

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Chapter Nine

Opportunity/ Solutions: Why do we have IS Departments, but not Copy Depts or Vehicle depts?

Info Systems: Architecture AND/OR Management

p.282: Role of Corporate IS Dept in Function (distributed) Org: IS/HR, Training, Hiring, SECURITY, Policy (email, web, porn), Standardization (platforms, etc.)

Some issues from p.282:

P.282: A Brief Diversion into Project Management Every project has a purpose, a change, a scope, and (gasp) and End.
We manage projects based on a triad of:

So, where do we compromise once all goals aren't going to be met?
  1. Compromise on Cost, consuming profitability but not losing
  2. Check (hope) that there's a client-happy compromise on Scope
  3. Compromise on schedule just up to (but not at) client pain
  4. Compromise on Cost, incurring loss
  5. never compromise quality
IS Project dilemma: the Mythic Man Month

p.284, The Info Center

Help Desks as Profit Centers: (ex: banks and bad-check fees).
Do we bill on trouble tickets, hours, # of calls? Profitability?
New trends: QoS, #first-call fixes.

ChargeBack (notion: nothing is free).

Chargeback Issues: making costs overt opens door to Contracting Out. (Competitive Pressure). IS may become an "inside vendor". Strategic Value of inside shop? 20% ?

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