CI-490: 9.22.99
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088

Up To Date

Chapter Five

Leftovers: Java and Jini

Data Communication p.137

Synchronization: Asynch, Synch
Comm Channels: UTP, Coax, MicroWave, Fiber
Modulation: MoDem, AM, Fm

Networks, p.150
Topology: physical connection pattern p.153
Protocol: software scheme p154-157
Figure 5.16: Seven Layer Protocol Model
ATM: p.163 FORE Systems

Chapter Eight

Various IS Needs for Various Parts of Org's
Fig 8.2 p.247, and explanation over next few pages

Nature of Management
if we're going to build S-IS, we better know what the purpose is

Org Structure, p.255
Characteristics of Effective Info, p. 258
S-IS: Figure 8.11, p. 261
NIH: p.263
Summary: p.267

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