CI-490: 9.08.99
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088

Three emphasis points (p. xix): Strategic Thinking, Ethical Thinking, Critical Thinking

Chapter 1

Opportunity: Solution, pg.3. Why is this a 3rd wave business?
Exercise: Marketing wants to know: How many credits has the avg student completed?
Info Systems exist to answer questions that are prompted by problems
Systems Thinking
Information Maps
Secrets and Private Info

Moore's Law
Graham's Law

The Von Nuemann machine:

infoid: The Von Nuemann block

Shared Data Resources
middle ware

Group Assignment on Chapter One:
Read the sidebar on Page 9, The Computer-Aided Manager.
Working in your small group, answer the following questions:
1. Do you think ISs will eventually replace managers completely?
2. Why or Why Not?
3. If you chose Yes, what are the pre-requisites to the change?
4. If you chose No, what are the insoluble barriers to the change?
Your small group will present your response to the class.
Before the presentation begins, hand the instructor a sheet of paper with the names of all group participants.

Chapter 2

Strategic Info as a Competitive Weapon

Diversion into Communication

Communication moves... Information

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