CI-490: 9.01.99
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Alvin and Heidi Toffler's Waves

Each of these waves has displaced workers, used new tools, and re-directed society.

Computer Systems Are Used For:




Examples of Companies using IT for competitive advantage:

New Required Skills:

Opinion: What Drives Technology?

Assignment One

Describe a business process that you are familiar with (internal or external) that you can describe as a Second-Wave process that could be more efficient as a Third-Wave process. Who would be the winners and losers of this change?

Describe a process that you are familiar with (internal or external) that would be improved through disintermediation. (Alternatively, describe a process that you have observed before and after disintermediation.) What is/was the situation? What is/were the expected benefits? Was the change successful? Were the benefits realized? Or, do you think it will be successful, do you think the benefits will be realized?