CI-490: Final Exam
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088

CI-490 Final Exam

Part One of Two (40%)

In this section, describe any 8 (eight) of the following 14 terms.
Each description should include three segments:
unstructured problem
case tools
knowledge engineer
feasibility study
fuzzy logic
functional IS mgmt
dynamic information
digital convergence
data mining

Part Two of Two (60%)

Answer any 3 of the following questions:

2-A. Information Systems (hopefully) meet the needs of several distinct audiences- operational personnel, middle managers, and executives. Each group faces different challenges, situations, and problems. Describe the types of different problems these three groups face, and what an IS needs to provide each group.

2-B. You work in an internal IT shop. The IT department has grown along with the rest of the company, and historically the company grew its own computer staffers. Most applications now in use were custom produced in-house. There are several legacy systems, internal networks, web applications, and desktop support functions. As new management located in L.A. focuses on the bottom line, several outside vendors are submitting proposals to perform some or all of the IT function. The new management has announced that nothing is sacred and that all IT operations must be cost-efficient. Outsourcing represents a competitive threat to the existing internal IT shop.

2-C. We have talked about systems which accept input, perform a process, store data/ information/ knowledge, and produce output. We have also talked about Strategic Systems, which can change the business model, change the company, and change the world.

2-D. This question deals with your personal preparations for Y2K, but focuses more on your career preparations rather than stockpiling firewood, toilet paper, etc.